Mayabella Homes is a dedicated local builder who is passionate about delivering exceptional quality, craftsmanship and value to each home built. Our homes are designed to perfection; we ensure practicality, elegance, and utilization of space is maximized throughout. Partner with Mayabella Homes and let us work with you in customizing a home that best compliments your life and refined style. We are commitment to exceeding your expectations and making the building of your dream home a reality.

For sales information, please contact:

Johnny Anjoul
P: 902.209.6902

Waterberry Properties

Lot # Home Type Lot width Lot size House size Status
AM15 BG 50 6,562 38 SOLD
AM16 BG 50 6,562 38 Mayabella
AM17 BG 50 6,562 38 SOLD