Expertise is not a product of luck. For that matter, it doesn’t happen overnight. This is readily apparent when one considers the rich and vast heritage of exquisite homes crafted by Shaughnessy Homes. Respected by peers and praised by customers, their craftsmanship is on display in upscale neighbourhoods like Cresthaven and The Ravines of Bedford South.

Shaughnessy Homes draws from a wealth of knowledge, experience and vision to redefine industry standards in respect to quality and innovation. Whether it’s ingenious space planning, advanced use of ‘Green’ technology and materials, or unparalleled practices, we truly believe that your home is your castle. And you deserve to live like royalty.

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Kristy Burchell
P: 902 880 9995

Stonington Properties

Lot # Home Type Lot size House size Status
LT01A 2ST Townhome 22 SOLD
LT01B 2ST Townhome 22 SOLD
LT01C 2ST Townhome 22 SOLD
LT01D 2ST Townhome 22 SOLD
LT01E 2ST Townhome 22 SOLD
LT04A 2ST / WO Semi 22 SOLD
LT04B 2ST / WO Semi 22 SOLD
LT05A 2ST / WO Semi 22 SOLD
LT05B 2ST / WO Semi 22 SOLD
LT42 BG 4,719 22 SOLD
LT43 BG 5,422 22 SOLD
LT44 BG 6,422 22 SOLD
LT45 BG 5,597 22 SOLD
LT46 BG 5,596 22 SOLD
LT47 BG 5,597 22 SOLD
LT48 BG 5,597 22 SOLD
LT49 BG 5,597 22 SOLD
LT50 BG 5,597 22 SOLD
LT51 BG 5,597 22 SOLD

Home Styles

The Ballantyne

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3/1


Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3/1