Amara is a front-runner in initiating positive change; we have separated ourselves from the competition by our commitment to excellence in each and every building project.

Wanting only the best for our clients, we’ve consulted with innovative Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, giving thorough consideration to both modern structure and design.

With over 50 years of building experience, we’ve identified a real need for smart, practical and efficient homes – and our premier projects do just that – offering affordable housing with high end and elite amenities that until now, were typically limited to higher end custom homes.

Simply put, we refuse to cut corners or sacrifice quality. Meet with us and together let’s build your dream home.

For sales information, please contact:

Jeff Kielbratowski
P: 902 877 1787
Matt Fostor
P: 902 209 5708
Kip Walker
P: 902 499 9555

Cascades Properties

Lot # Home Type Lot width Lot size House size Status
BC11 BG 34 4,343 22 Amara
BC12 BG 34 4,286 22 Amara
BC13 BG 34 4,575 22 Amara
BC14 BG 34 4,863 22 Amara
BC15 BG 34 5,130 22 Amara
BC16 BG 34 5,919 22 Amara
BC22 BG / WO 34 6,866 22 Amara
BC23 BG / WO 34 7,484 22 Amara